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The LYNX holster

The LYNX holster

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LYNX: a dedicated appendix inside the waistband holster brought to you by Next Level Tactical and Moshiach Tactical. 

Offering this setup in three color configurations: black on black, carbon fiber red on black, or carbon fiber black on red. 


  • Comfortably and safely carry your firearm and a spare magazine linked in the appendix position
  • Canted magazine allows for comfort and ease of access
  • Compatible with double stack Glocks in 9mm or .40 caliber, any generation
  • Compatible with most compensators
  • Trijicon RMR compatible
  • Grip hook belt attachments, made in the USA, also allow user to tuck in a shirt
  • Holster claw helps aid in concealment by driving the grip of the firearm into your body
  • Holster overall footprint is less than 6.5"